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Wellbeing Plan

Register for a Wellbeing Plan

The Wellbeing Plan is aimed at providing information and support to enable local people to live independently, safe and well. It encourages and supports people to access local services and to work together with them to meet lower levels of need. 

When you start a plan you have up to 30 minutes to complete it. If you register and sign in during this time, the time limit is removed and you can come back to re-visit it whenever you like.

Please read these simple steps to create your own Plan.

Step 1:  Create a Plan

  • When you create a plan you will be asked for some basic details about yourself or the person you are completing the plan for.

Step 2:  Set Goals

  • You can set personal goals that you would like to achieve through your plan. They could be things you would like to do, or things that you could change or improve to help your wellbeing and independence.

Step 3:  Choose Resources

  • You can choose services, organisations and activities on iCare that can help you meet your goals.  

Step 4:  View Plan

  • Once created, you can print out your plan or save it and come back to review and update it.