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Policies and procedures

This page gives details of key policies and procedures at Hackney Council in relation to adult social care. 

Hackney's local account of adult social care services 2015-16

Every year the Council produces a local account of adult social care services. The local account explains how much the Council spends, what it spends money on, what it is doing and future plans for its services, including any improvements.

Promoting Independence - Hackney Adult Social Care Services Commitment Statement
Social Care for Adults in Hackney – Fairness, Equity and Independence. Hackney Council is committed to delivering the highest quality services to residents who have care or support needs.

Adult Social Care Appeal Form
This form is to be used if you disagree with an assessment of your adult social care needs or a decision taken about your support plan.

Charges for Non-Residential Care Services
This leaflet will tell you about the charges for non-residential care services in Hackney under the fairer charging policy.

Disabled Adaptations Policy
This Disabled Adaptations Policy sets out the framework by which Hackney offers adaptations to its tenants living in council properties and tenants residing in the private sector including those living in Registered Social Landlord (RSL) properties.

Exceptional Circumstances - Guidance for Direct Payments
Government guidance states that the local authority may at its discretion agree to the employment of a family member, or partner living in the same household as the direct payment recipient “in exceptional circumstances”.

Managing a Change in Care Funding – Transition Plan
The eligibility policy for adult social care has not changed in Hackney. However, people’s personal or family circumstances and their levels of need change over time. As new services become available – such as Telecare – it may be that care needs are met differently.

Reablement in Hackney
Reablement is: - A structured programme of care and support provided for a short period of time to help you to maintain or regain the ability to live at home.

Respite Care Policy and Procedures
This policy outlines London Borough of Hackney’s approach to Respite Care provision which meets the diverse needs of carers and the ‘cared for’ in the borough.

What can my personal budget be spent on?
A Personal Budget is the amount of money the Council decides is necessary to spend in order to meet an individual’s eligible social care needs.  It is intended to give the individual the maximum degree of choice and control over how their eligible needs are met.

Policies and Procedures