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Local account of adult social care services

Every year the Council produces a local account of adult social care services. The local account explains how much the Council spends, what it spends money on, what it is doing and future plans for its services, including any improvements.

This year we met with service users and carers to talk to them about the local account and to find out:

  • what they wanted to see in the local account
  • what sort of format they wanted, and how they thought it should look
  • how they wanted to read it

In response to their feedback, we've combined the local account for 2015/16 into one document containing information about all of the service areas for adult social care, including information on what we've been doing.

If you've got any comments, or would like to suggest ways we can improve the next local account, please contact us.

Please also contact us if you'd like a copy in another language or format, or if you'd like a hard copy. We're currently producing an easy read version of the local account, which will be available shortly.

Page updated: 31 Jul 2018

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