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The NuttycaTS Support Group for Transsexual people. Founded on the 27th January 2002, NuttycaTS is an online Mutual Support Group for people of all ages and at all stages of treatment, from questioning of gender through to post operative care, as well as partners and families.

Thanks to the internet, it is also one that transcends cultural, geographic, and political boundaries. We have over 700 members who live in all corners of the globe, from Africa, through Europe and the Americas, to Asia and Australasia. All are equally welcome.

It should be noted that NuttycaTS is a private website designed and intended for personal recreational use only.

NuttycaTS is not a mental health service or clinic and we do not provide professional support, online counselling or therapy of any description.

Neither the Webowner, Admin & Mod team, nor any of the users of these forums acts in a medical, psychological, or other professional capacity, nor should it be assumed that they do. Any mutual advice or support given should be considered just that, mutual advice and support.

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