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Bladder & Bowel Community

Today, bladder and bowel conditions are becoming more prevalent, not only in adults but also children. There are 6.5 million people affected by some form of bowel condition in the UK and an estimated 14 million living with a form of bladder problem. This community lacks a voice given the tabooed nature of our medical issues. It is the ultimate aim of this Community to create a space in which the concerns and experiences of our users can be heard and translate this into public awareness.

The new, impartial, independent  Bladder & Bowel Community has one focus – you. The Bladder and Bowel Community now operates as an enterprise and our new team is completely dedicated to working for our community. We want to become the number one place for support, whilst also raising much-needed awareness, not just about the medical issues associated with bladder and bowel conditions, but how it impacts our lives. We also aim to educate the wider community so our conditions can be better understood.

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Bladder & Bowel Community

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7 The Court, Holywell Business Park
Northfield Road
CV47 0FS
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