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Individual Alexander Technique Lessons

During these Alexander lessons you are gently guided as you learn how to sit, stand and walk in a new way. You gain awareness, learn to move more freely, and improve your coordination and posture.

Gradually you learn how to apply these changes in everyday situations and to increasingly more complex activities. You gain a technique you can use throughout your life.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique are a process of exploration and discovery, with the teacher's hands and verbal instructions gently guiding pupils through activities such as sitting, standing and lying down, so that our habitual "misuse" may be recognised and stopped, "inhibited".

In so doing, we become freed to choose new responses to situations. We also learn to give ourselves a set of instructions or 'directions' so that we move with more awareness and poise, often reducing pain and discomfort in the process.

Who to contact

Hilary King

Where to go

Newington Green
Stoke Newington
N16 9NP

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