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You can add a new service using the form above. The form divides into a number of sections, and you should fill out each section with as much information as possible. If you not sure how to write your listing try looking at other listings on the site and see how they are written.

Service/activity details

Give your service or activity a short title that will be meaningful to members of the public. Don't use the same title for multiple listings. Also provide a short description of your service/activity using plain English to describe what it is that the service or activity provides.


Using keywords in your description will help people find your service when they search for services. So if you provide residential care for instance, make sure you mention that in your description.

Contact details

These contact details will be displayed on the website. If any details change be sure to come back and update your listing.

Venue details

Please provide a full address and postcode for your venue. It is particularly important that you provide the correct postcode as this will be used by the site in locating your service for users.

Date and time details

Please provide a brief sentence on when your service/activity takes place or is open, such as; 'Open Monday to Friday from 9am until 6pm' or 'Tuesday evenings from 7pm -9pm' or 'Wednesday, 11th April 2012'.

Other details

Please provide brief details in all of the applicable boxes. If there is nothing to say, then just leave that box blank.

Coverage details

Please tick all of the areas of Hackney covered by your service / activity.


You can upload one image such as your logo to show as part of your listing. You can only upload images that are of .jpg or .png types and up to a maximum filesize of 10MB. For best results we recommend that your image is at least 500 by 500 pixels in size. Images are virus checked during upload and will be rejected if anything suspicious is found.

Updating or deleting a listing

From the Account Home page, click on the Provider Updates service link. This takes you to a page showing the current state of all of your listings. You can update , delete or add new listings from here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: When will my new listings or updates appear on the site?

A:All new entries or changes submitted must first be approved by the directory team before they appear on the site. We aim to process new updates within a few days of submission.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of services/activities that I can have listed?

A:Yes. There is a limit of 5 listings on most accounts. However you can ask to have that raised by contacting the team.