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Hackney's Adults and Older People's Services provide a wide range of services for different people and their carers.

Sometimes things can go wrong. Please tell us if you are unhappy with our service, the way you have been treated or with a particular member of staff.

We will decide with you on the best way to resolve your complaint. If another organisation is involved such as the health service or a care provider we will work together with them to resolve your complaint. 

Contact Healthwatch Hackney about health and social care services in Hackney

You can also tell Healthwatch Hackney about your experience or share your views, good or bad, about the health and social care services you have received or tried to receive. You can help shape or improve services for the future.

Feedback on the NHS 111 service

Give feedback on the East London & the City NHS 111 service covering Tower Hamlets, City & Hackney and Newham.

Feedback about iCare

If you would like to feedback about iCare, please complete the form below.

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Providing some information about you will help us to make sure we are hearing from a wide range of people and help us to ensure fair access to the Hackney iCare website. Please leave blank any questions you do not wish to answer.

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