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Complete a self-assessment

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By answering some quick questions about your current situation we can direct you towards information, advice and services that could help you to live independently and improve your wellbeing.

We can also tell you how likely you are to be eligible for care and support and whether or not you would have to pay for some or all of this.

Before you start...

  • This self assessment is for adults (over 18)
  • You can complete it yourself or on behalf of someone else
  • If you are completing this on behalf of someone else, please answer all questions as if you were them and complete with their personal details
  • It usually takes around 10-15 mins to complete the first section to get a result
  • You don't have to tell us who you are or share any of your personal details to access information
  • After getting a result, you will have the chance to make a referral to Adult Social Care for more information where we will ask for further details

What is your postcode?

The eligibility criteria for adult social care is the same across all councils in England, however to make a referral, we need to establish that you live in the local area

Your results and referrals

If you have previously completed a self-assessment, you can sign in to view your information.

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