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A group of service users were invited to review the Hackney Local Account of Adult Social Care 2017/18 report to make comments and suggestions.

You liked the design of the Local Account compared to previous years and would like us to continue to use this style and format for future Local Accounts. 

We have retained the style and themes of the 16/17 Local Account for 17/18 edition and will continue to work with people who use our services to design future editions. 

Although better than in previous years, the language needs to be more accessible and less technical. 

We continue to strike a balance between the information that various audiences want to see in the Local Account and making the document as accessible to as many people as possible. 

The account needs to show where things are not working not just trying to make everything look good. 

We have included both our successes and areas where we need to improve but above all we have been transparent and honest. 

You need to be open about the complaints you receive and how long they take to be resolved and the lessons learned. 

We have expanded the amount of information around complaints, resolution and lessons learned. 

Could we have more information about the organisations listed within the Local Account, in particular whether they are Disability Friendly and have Wheelchair Access? 

Where possible we have added this information. 

Show examples of co-production in different service areas across Adult Services. 

We have asked all service areas to highlight areas of Co-production, we have asked members of the Making it Real Board to create the Co-production section of this year’s Local Account. 

Can we have more information about your staffing? 

We have added a section around our staff and our plans for the future of our workforce. 

It would be helpful to re-categorise sections in contents or have overview and include sub categories. 

We have improved the contents section to be a more comprehensive overview of the document.

Page updated: 29 Nov 2019

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