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New digital noticeboards and modernised signs launch on selected estates

Hackney Council is piloting digital noticeboards across selected estates in Homerton and Hoxton in order to improve how it communicates with residents. 

The noticeboards will provide a multitude of benefits including: faster, targeted and more responsive news direct to estates, such as immediate repairs and maintenance updates, information on local events and meetings, as well as updates from resident groups and housing officers. 

The new noticeboards will also create closer relationships between housing staff and residents through increased visibility of housing officers, and allow the Council to save money on printed material and it will help improve the appearance of estates through decluttering. 

Senior housing staff recently visited the Gascoyne Estate in Homerton to see the digital notice boards live in action. They were joined by local residents, who were very pleased to see their community notices displayed. 

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Page updated: 29 Nov 2019

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